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  • Being a girl in a world of developers
    During a third-year class in university, I received a text saying : “Hey, have you realized that you’re the only girl in the class?” The answer war no; I wasn’t seeing it any more. It had become the norm. Being the only or one of the rare girls in the group ... read more
    Published on Mar 23, 2017 By Audrée Lafontaine
  • Development environment : How to start your perfect project?
    The project is accepted, the requirements are clear; but where to start to carry out our development? A natural reflex is to prepare everything in advance to be able to program without meeting obstacles relative to the technological environments. So it’s at this moment that the team organizes a round ... read more
    Published on Mar 21, 2017 By Christian Belisle
  • Pyxis recognized by the Scrum.org Professional Training Network
    Pyxis is now part of the prestigious Scrum.org Professional Training Network (PTN). The organization recognizes Pyxis as a company abiding by Scrum.org’s high quality standards for Scrum professional trainings. These companies are recognized as active members of the Scrum.rog community. The PTN members are aligned with Scrum values and is ... read more
    Published on Mar 20, 2017 By sophie paquette
  • Entendendo o que é ser antifrágil
    Eu tive o imenso prazer de ser entrevistado pelo Rafael Buzon em um assunto que tem sido o objeto dos meus estudos nos últimos meses: a aleatoriedade. Abordamos conceitos que permeiam a incerteza e a antifragilidade. Mas você sabe o que é antifragilidade? A antifragilidade é o oposto de fragilidade. ... read more
    Published on Mar 13, 2017 By Celso Martins
  • Innovation 101 – Why innovate?
    Innovation 101 is a series of post to cover, initially, 3 main questions: Why Innovate? What is the difference between innovation, creativity, change and invention?  and finally What are the greatest barriers to innovate? A lot is being said recently about innovation. Everyone wants to innovate. Some describe it as ... read more
    Published on Mar 10, 2017 By Handrus