Happiness Principles To Live By – 7 of 7

I admit, taking on a freelance activity at Happy Melly has been a great social investment for me.

A small team of enthusiastic people (all freelance) all believing workplaces should be engaging and happy to spend your time. Helping each other out as proactive as possible, experimenting when time permits, and showing gratitude via peer recognition on bonus.ly

When at times I get swamped at my normal day job, spending as much as 30 minutes on Happy Melly activities, having a chat on Slack, working through the open tasks on Trello… it helps. It motivates, to do those tasks right, but as well to refocus on the day job.


Why Social Support Is Your Single Greatest Asset

The most successful people hold tighter to their social support in the midst of challenges and stress at work, instead of turning inward (which is often the normal human reaction). Instead of divesting, they invest. Not only are these people happier, but they are more productive, engaged, energetic, and resilient. They know that their social relationships are the single greatest investment they can make in the Happiness Advantage.

Perhaps most important, social connections motivate. When over a thousand highly successful professional men and women were interviewed as they approached retirement and asked what had motivated them the most, throughout their careers, overwhelmingly they placed work friendships above both financial gain and individual status.

“The people we interviewed from good-to-great companies clearly loved what they did largely because they loved who they did it with.” –  Jim Collins; Good to Great

In short, the more the team members (are encouraged to) invest in their social cohesion, the better the results of their work.


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