Values Driven? Reflect On Your Commitment!

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In the beginning of February we started with the question if you Wanna Run A Values-Based Company?

We’ve come a long way already, time for a reflection. You decided you’re committed to run a values-based company, but what was that again… A short reminder:

“A lot of companies claim to be values-driven. They publish their values and use them in marketing messages. However, this does not necessarily mean their values guide decision-making and behaviors company-wide on a day-by-day basis. Values imposed on an organization by its executive management will not create the engagement and success you are looking for.

And that’s why answering the question is step 1: Deciding you want to be a Values-Driven Company is not a decision to take lightly. It requires commitment to real values, in everything you do, and by all people. That’s not a ‘low-hanging-fruit’ it will take time to focus on it, it means being more patience with revenues and profits in order to lay the foundation.”

Now let’s look in the mirror… You’ve worked to gather a first, better insight in the values carrying the culture throughout your company a key question is the following:

  • Are you willing to hire/fire people based on whether they fit your core values, [fire] even if an employee adds a lot of value in the short-term?

Answering this question should not be taken lightly.


Committed… Sure?

If you’re not sure you might want to step back, think once more about the Purpose you defined before you started this Discovery phase. Check once more here and here. Step back and re-think why you decided that you are committed to run a values based company.


I would advise only to continue this exercise in the next weeks if you like what you see in the mirror, because next up will be to ‘share to all’…

(or simply if you are curious to know what the next steps are about)

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