Wanna Run A Values-Based Company?

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This is the first step in a multi-week values discovery journey… and yes, it is to answer the question.

Are you committed to run a values-based company?

Let’s assume you resonate with the idea that Purpose is where to start. [What? You missed that part? Then you better quickly read this first!] We can thus assume that at least you’re interested in running a values-based company.

Okay, I hear you think, but why and what is a value-based company?

Of course you can investigate what Zappos, Ben and Jerry’s, and Southwest Airlines are doing and try to copy that. After all they are all financially successful, values-driven companies. However… your people are not their people, copying really isn’t going to help you much.

Based on significant new research from multiple sources, Richard Barrett creates a compelling narrative about why values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet. According to Barrett, understanding employees’ needs—what people value—is the key to creating a high performing organization. When you support employees in satisfying their needs, they respond with high levels of employee engagement—they willingly bring their commitment and creativity to their work.

A lot of companies claim to be values-driven. They publish their values and use them in marketing messages. However, this does not necessarily mean their values guide decision-making and behaviors company-wide on a day-by-day basis. Values imposed on an organization by its executive management will not create the engagement and success you are looking for.

And that’s why answering the question is step 1: Deciding you want to be a Values-Driven Company is not a decision to take lightly. It requires commitment to real values, in everything you do, and by all people. That’s not a ‘low-hanging-fruit’ it will take time to focus on it, it means being more patience with revenues and profits in order to lay the foundation.

Typically that’s “easy to say” if you’re starting a company (…but even then… give it some serious thought before you claim to be value-driven…). If you are however trying to re-align on Corporate Culture, on Purpose, on Values, if you already have an ‘established’ company it might require you to ignore (for a while) the complaining voices from shareholders. Re-alignment takes time and might have an impact on revenues and profits.


Are you really up to the challenge?

If the answer is yes (or maybe, or you’re plain simple curious), than come back next week for the second step!

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