What’s Wrong With Core Values?

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Before taking you on a multi week journey to discover your values, the next steps in the dance with the system, I’d like to spend a short post to why that journey is important. What’s wrong with core values in many cases, in many companies? Why should you undertake a value discovery journey?

What can give us the kind of feeling that makes work more than just … work?

For many companies, the answer is values. Your values tell the world what you’re about. They give your employees a reason for what they do—and your customers a reason to cheer for you (this assumes you already started with “Why”).

How can you harness the power of values for your own company or organization?

Values Tony Hsieh

It is not an exercise to take lightly, and goes way beyond 1-word statements on the walls of the office. Some great examples of Corporate Values can be found in Courtney Seiter’s post, but why is it difficult to harness the power of values?

What is wrong with core values

So… what can we do about it?

That’s the journey I’ll be posting here over the next weeks. I decided to not look too much to length of the coming posts, but to try to make each one actionable. Giving you the change to read, try, learn and then get ahead with the next step.

Of course, each company is different, needs a different culture, and will have different values. Nevertheless, I think the journey to follow may be used by many to discover what their values are (or should be or become).

Stay tuned! (or simply follow this blog… 🙂 )


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